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USDF Bronze and Silver Medal Applicant

Bronze and Silver Medals

High Scores:

  • 96.8% Young Horse 4 Year Olds FEI Test (riding Go Tango)
  • 78% Materiale 4 & 5 year old Stallion or Gelding (riding Go Tango)
  • 63.5% 4th Level Test 3 (riding Frapiccino)
  • 64.8% 3rd Level Test 3 (riding Frapiccino)
  • 63% 1st Level Test 3 (riding Go Tango)

My first passion was off track thoroughbreds and with that a love of Eventing. I started riding at a local three day Eventing barn until I purchased my own horse. My first horse was a green off track OTTB she taught me how to stay on and how to be brave The most important lesson she taught me was that being a good rider is not about the traits that make you good, like seat and hands, but a willingness to take the horse into consideration over everything else.

To me a great rider is one who works with their horse with willingness to learn from the horse and also has an open mind to learn even after having a bad ride. I grew up with the idea that it’s never the horses fault, to this day I still see this as true because we have to learn how to speak a language that is not heard but seen. I work with each of my students to blur the lines between our language and the horses so that both student and horse understand each other better.

Riding should be as easy as breathing and I work to make riding a fun a relaxed experience for both rider and horse. I make lessons fun for the horses so that they learn to work willingly with their riders.  I help riders to work though their fears to accomplish goals they have set for themselves. Riding is too expensive and too time consuming of a sport to not have fun with every ride.

Dressage has captivated me from the beginning and I have focused on teaching in a classical style that the horses can thrive in and the riders can excel. From the greenest partnerships to the oldest pairs I feel their can always be improvements. Every student should come to the arena ready to learn you never know when you’re going to have that moment when something clicks and those moments come more often to those who have an open mind and are ready to learn.

I have an extensive show record and I am constantly expanding it. Unlike most trainers I will strive to help you excel and fill in any gaps that other trainers might leave out. If you don’t know how to wrap your horses legs or you have something else you don’t know how to do but want to learn I will make time to teach those things all skills are valuable even if it’s not under saddle.

I have trained with or still work with the following dressage trainers: Gwen Blake, Christophe Theallet, Andreas Hausburger, Janet Foy, Scott Hastler and the following Eventing Coaches: Terrie Hook, Jim Briggs, Kara Hagermen

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